There is no other agency in existence that provides such a detailed working model that gets to the very root of the problems that have led to this crisis.

4KIDS of South Texas was birthed with a clear vision: “A Home for Every Child.” It’s simple, but one home for every child speaks to the solvable nature of the problem. We also began with one mission: “Providing Hope… for Kids in Crisis.”



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    4KIDS provides a unique continuum of care with four major focuses:


    Foster homes under the 4KIDS model are trained to provide trauma-based care for children affected by abuse and neglect. The goal is to train and support families who will persevere and sacrifice to provide protection and permanent solutions for abused, abandoned and neglected children.


    Every child removed from a situation of neglect and abuse is cared for in a 4KIDS facility first. The first experience a child in crisis has is one of care, hope, and the gospel.


    This model focuses on maternity care that offers love and guidance to young women struggling with crisis pregnancies. The children of these women, who potentially would be caught in a crisis situation, are cared for as a result of their mom going through proven mentorship programs designed to prevent future abuse.

    AGING OUT**:

    The 4KIDS model works to provide long-term residential support to young adults aged 18–23 who are “aging out” of foster care. This model of care provides much more than just a “safety net” to these young adults who might otherwise end up homeless, unemployed, or in prison; it is focused on relationships with them.

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    4KIDS works in the sphere of government, seeking changes in legislation that will support foster families and those on the front lines of caring for children and families in crisis.

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    4KIDS works to partner with and support biological families to break the cycle of abuse and neglect by bringing hope and care, with the goal of reunification

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    4KIDS actively partners with area churches to create an equipped, trained, and resourced care community to support our families and the children they serve.

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